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The Return of the Prodigal Daughter

One of the things I really enjoyed doing while I was writing for The Aquinian at STU was my bi-weekly column, Prodigal Daughter. It was initially meant to be an opinion column on current affairs in the Church, but it turned in to a sort of reverse catechesis for me.

Writing that column encouraged me to spend more time learning what the Church actually teaches about some things and really thinking about whether or not I agreed with the doctrine. I tied in what I was learning to current affairs as intended, but in the process of writing the column I found I became a lot more comfortable sharing my own faith journey and addressing the people I know within the Church with the concerns raised by those who feel themselves to be outside it.

My column became a bridge of sorts between secular and religious life, and a conversation starter.

I miss writing it.

So, I’ve decided to bring it back as a regular Wednesday feature on this blog, starting next Wednesday.

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