I’m a recent graduate with a lot of vague ideas about where I want to go and a lot of specific ideas about what I want to do.

I want to be a reporter. I thought I applied for the journalism program at St. Thomas because I wanted to have the most practical skill set possible with a Bachelor of Arts. A year in to the program, while interviewing for a position as editor of the campus newspaper, I realized I applied because it’s who I am.

Meredith Gillis

Good reporting is honest and direct. It does not fear censure, it is never deliberately misleading or in error. Good reporting gives voice to the minority to protect them from the tyranny of the majority. It questions the means and the motives of both, and does not abandon the truth to echo popular opinion.

I am a Christian first and a Catholic second. I sometimes wonder if I ought to confess my love for the Toronto Maple Leafs is akin to idol worshiping, and I chafe at orthodoxy in all its forms.

I hope to eventually marry and become a foster parent, and I dream of living in a world where the inherent dignity and value of every person is recognized and respected.

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